Membership Benefits

Why Should I Become a PSCA Member?

  • Professional Identity – PSCA provides school counselors with a professional identity and membership in a dynamic organization dedicated to promoting the role of school counselors\
  • Professional Development – PSCA supports professional competence through the annual conference, regional and local unit workshops, and webinars.
  • Conference – PSCA’s annual conference is recognized as one of the finest school counselor conferences in the country. Attendance at the conference is encouraged for all school counselors. Registration for PSCA members is at a reduced cost.
  • Newsletter, E-Blasts, Directory – the Pennsylvania Counselor is published five times each year to ensure that school counselors have a means of keeping abreast of what is happening within the PSCA and the profession. In addition to the newsletter, periodic e-blasts with pertinent school counselor information are issued.  The bi-weekly PSCA eXTRA provides current news regarding education activity specific to and/or related to school counseling. In addition, of course, each member receives an annual PSCA Directory/Calendar.
  • Online Resources - Online Members-only resources for school counselors are available for all levels of counseling: Elementary, Middle, and High School.
  • Government Relations - PSCA maintains legislative contacts in Harrisburg, and participates in legislative concerns pertaining to counselors and their employment settings, and maintains a significant presence at the Pennsylvania Department of Education.
  • "Grass-Roots" Representation - PSCA operates within an organizational structure of officers, chairpersons, and Region representatives who make available a direct line of communication for concerns of individual school counselors. 
  • Website – PSCA’s website, which is regularly updated, continues to provide information and resources to and for school counselors. The members' only resource section is continually enhanced.
  • Ethics - PSCA’s Ethics Committee is charged with providing information about and professional development regarding the ethical standards for school counselors. The Ethics Committee provides best practice support to counselors when they become involved in situations which revolve around the unethical action and/or treatment of school counselors. PSCA does not provide legal advice or assistance but encourages all school counselors to be affiliated with other professional organizations that can provide the legal and financial assistance that PSCA is not able to provide.
PSCA encourages all school counselors to be members of their local, state  (PSCA), and national (ASCA) school counseling associations. Applications and renewal information are available online.