Lobby Your State Legislator

3 Ways to Lobby Your State Legislator

1.   Be Informed:  Know the issues and your lawmakers.  Know where they stand and how the legislative decision making process works in Pennsylvania.  Use Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and other social media to gain insight oh where legislators stand on the issues.  Your success in navigating the competitive world of policymaking rests equally upon know-how and knowledge.

2.  Contact Your Lawmaker:  A study by the nonprofit Congressional Management Foundation foud that 97 percent of congressional staffers agree that in-person visits from constituents influenced their lawmakers most.  However, making phone calls, writing letters, and sending emails to legislators is also effective.  The study found that even these personalized communication methods were more likely to change a member's mind than a professional lobbyist's efforts.  

3.  Be Persuasive, Personable, and Patient:  Tell your story in a manner that is professional and upbeat, and remain calm.  Losing your cool means losing your case!  Once you have made your "ask" regarding a specific issue, stay in touch.  Keep policymakers and their assigned staff representative - if you know who that person is - abreast of the issues that concern you.  Political decision making can be lengthy.  Don't get discouraged.  

courtesy of the National Education Association