PSCA's Equity and Anti-Racism Resources:

MultiCulturalSchool counselors continually work toward cultural competence and address racism and bias through the implementation of a data-informed school counseling program. Guided by the ASCA National Model (2019), school counselors shape ethical, equitable and inclusive school environments. School counselors engage in self-reflection, develop knowledge and skills, and advocate for the equitable treatment of all students through action to address broader issues of systemic and institutional racism. They seek to address policies, practices and guidelines contributing to the inequities experienced by students from racially diverse backgrounds in the pre-K–12 setting.  (ASCA, The School Counselor and Anti-Racist Practices Position Statement)

ASCA Resources
Talking to Kids about Racism and Violence
Learning for Justice - Let’s Talk Guide
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ASCA National Model APP

Did you know that there is an ASCA National Model APP?  With the ASCA National App (MApp) you can:  

  • Organize your program on your phone, tablet or desktop computer
  • Pull up your school counseling program data whenever you need it
  • Track how you spend your time – in real time – and compare it with the ASCA use-of-time recommendations  
  • Immediately access your results reports whenever an administrator has a question 

MApp seamlessly connects to the ASCA National Model District Portal, the Counselor Education Portal and the RAMP application portal. 

To find out more about the ASCA National Model APP CLICK HERE



RAMP Designation in PA

139 schools in 27 states received the Recognized ASCA Model Program (RAMP) designation in Pennsylvania, we would like to congratulate Propel McKeesport Charter School and Saucon Valley Elementary School for achieving this status.  

PA RAMP 2021 

To see other schools in Pennsylvania that have achieved RAMP Status CLICK HERE.