History of PSCA

The Pennsylvania School Counselors Association has a rich history of promoting a positive image of school counseling across Pennsylvania. PSCA's history began in 1956 when passionate group of school counselor leaders met to explore ways to provide collegiality and professional development for school counselors across Pennsylvania. PSCA was incorporated as a 501C3, non-profit business.

PSCA's first conference was held at the Milton Hershey High School in 1957. John Hershey (not related to Milton Hershey) part of the PSCA formation committee and a counselor at MHS, offered the High School as the conference site. The next year, the University of Pittsburgh provided the funding and location for the conference and the year after that, the conference was held in Philadelphia.

The Conference returned to Hershey in 1960 and was held at the Milton Hershey School for 30 years establishing a long and rich relationship with MHS which continues to provide significant support as an annual conference Platinum Sponsor. Over the years, the PSCA Conference has provided outstanding quality professional development, and has brought to Pennsylvania, a "Who's Who" of school counseling leaders in America today.

The "founders" of PSCA were visionaries. From the beginning, the group recognized that as professionals we are school counselors.. and created the name to reflect that. PSCA's colors were established as blue and white, and while the blues have sometimes changed, the colors remain a "constant." The PSCA logo has undergone several interpretations over the years with the current logo, a variation of ASCA's, representing a "One Vision, One Voice" connection to the nationally recognized symbol of school counseling.

PSCA continues the rich history of providing professional development for school counselors across Pennsylvania through the annual conference, regional and local workshop and webinars. The website hosts a continually growing collection of resources that reflect the growing needs for information on a growing number of topics. Bi-weekly news articles and a journal-like newsletter that is distributed three times each year are means of providing on-going information and resources to the PSCA membership. The structure of the Governing Board continues to provide representation at and from the local levels. PSCA works closely with the American School Counselor Association, annually sending representatives to the ASCA Leadership Development Academy and the ASCA Delegate Assembly. Such representation affords PSCA a voice in the development of Position Statements and Role descriptions. PSCA leaders work diligently to present "One Vision, One Voice" of school counseling to leaders in Harrisburg and Washington, DC.