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PSCA Releases Re-entry Considerations - Companion Guide

Access the PSCA & ASPP Reentry Considerations - Companioin Guide HERE

Since March 2020, with the rise of COVID-10 and closure of schools, school counselors have faced mounting challenges. Ranging from student trauma, educational engagement and the impacts of racial violence and educational access, there have been many topics given light over the past few months.  Almost immediately, there was an overwhelming response as new networks were rapidly built and volumes of resources shared.  PSCA, in collaboration with the Association of School Psychologists of Pennsylvania (ASPP), collected key resources and practices to assist and guide pupil service professionals through re-entry and towards recovery. The result is this Companion Guide that is intended to provide support to educators, and ultimately, support to our students. 

PSCA Coronavirus Roundtable I

  • Micah Beaston: Social Worker, Central Dauphin School District (PASSWP, SSWAA)
  • Carrie Jackson: School Psychologist/Trainer, Youngstown State University (ASPP, NASP, BACB)
  • David Lillenstein: School Psychologist President (Association of School Psychologists of PA)
  • Jason Pedersen: School Psychologist (NASSP Delegate)
  • Lori Kelley: President (PASNAP)
  • Nikole Hollins-Sims: Educational Consultant (PaTTAN-Harrisburg)


PSCA Coronavirus Roundtable II

Level Name of Resource  Link Description
Elem PBS Kids PBS Kids- How to talk to children about the covid-19  
Elem Imagine Neighborhood Imagine Neighboorhood.  
Middle Find Your grind  
Middle Hey Kiddo  
HS NACAC College Admissions Status Update  
HS AP Updates AP Updates for Schools impacted by the Coronavirus  
All Online Counseling Services  BetterHelp
All ASCA Resource Center  
All PDE COVID-19 Resource Page  
Graduate Students CACREP Statement  


A conversation with Editorial Director of Future-Ed, Phyllis Jordan. We discuss supporting students both during and after school closures and promoting their engagement and mental health.


PSCA Coronavirus Roundtable III

special thanks to: 

  • Brandon Payne, Elementary School Counselor  - @MrPaynePDLCS 
  • Brianna Edwards, Elementary Counselor  - @e_counselor
  • Morgan Peters, Middle School Counselor
  • Katie Mihoerck, High School Counselor - @CounselorKatieG


Learn strategies, techniques and emerging practices to support and foster school climate and a student during and after school closures.  An in depth discussion about supporting school climate, schools and students with:

  • Dr. Whitney Allgood, CEO of the National School Climate Center
  • Dr. Stacie Molnar-Main, School Climate Consultant, Pennsylvania Department of Education
"How should educators address COVID-19 related teasing and harassment?"

DHS Secretary Theresa Miller announced the support and referral warmline is available in Pennsylvania.  Beginning at 6 p.m. on April 1, they are partnering with the Center for Community Resources to offer a 24/7 mental health and crisis support line for people dealing with anxiety or other difficult emotions. Callers will be able to speak with staff who are trained in trauma-informed principles and will listen, assess the person’s needs, triage, and refer to other local supports and professionals as needed.

The Mental Health Support Line can be reached toll-free, 24/7 at 1-855-284-2494.